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What men and women want

Women need romance while men need intrigue- Sherry argov
A man is scientifically wired to spread his genes often and widely, thus they have a fear of committing to just one spouse. Men dread of monogamy as it implies being glued to one spouse forever. It’s no wonder a large percentage of married men cheat on their wives. Their definition of marriage is based on what services a woman can offer such as doing laundry, taking care of the kids. A woman’s physical appearance such as beauty and youth is always top in the list of why a man would marry her.

Men’s brains are wired to check the reliability and availability of a woman being reproductive and productive .They seek a woman who can sire healthy offspring and be able to continue their kin. That is the primary reason why a man will consider the curvy women as it is an indication of health and ability to be reproductive. Why do women get cosmetic surgery and do make up to be attractive? This is mostly to compete for attention and affection. A man might lie to a woman about her looks to increase his chances of getting laid.

Statistics show that 91% of women say would marry for love, regardless of culture or religion. She want to be shown appreciation for literally everything she does. A simple ‘thank you’ gives a sense of being appreciated. It is with this that women measure the ability of man sharing his resources with her and their children. Women put so much importance in actual words of appreciation that they translate it as being loved. For a woman, a simple flower from the garden would mean much as an expensive car.

Women also want commitment and fidelity. These are among signs of loving her truly and eternally as she believes. These values when exhibited by their men shows that he is ready to love her and share whatever he has with her and not someone out of wedlock. Women are hardwired to search for men who will stay with them and provide for their children and protect the family. However, women often believe when a man claims he’ll marry her and have children with her. This might not always be sincere as men will do anything to get lad and other services that she can offer.
Men wants services, women want affection!!!!

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