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Why we should not fear

When I was young I used to cover myself totally during the night when I slept when my parents put the lights off , despite living at the very hot coastal areas. It was the fear of the unknown and imagination. I ignored the teaching of my religious teacher that there is 365 ‘ fear not’ in the Bible for each and every day.

Fear is unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger by one’s mind. It is just a thought identified with our egoic mind when you either think of the past or future events, that’s why most people who have undergone certain traumas tend to have fear . It gets more powerful when we give it more attention and believe it , either believing that bad things may happen to us if we do certain things.

That is how our minds are programmed . Fear is sometimes protective ; for instance the fear of being burnt makes us not play with fire ,once you’re burnt when young you learn that fire is a no go zone. However our fears keep us hostage to suffering some things that are only in our thoughts. Fear of failure may keep you from trying something out, fear of getting into an accident may keep you from learning how to drive a car !! I know it’s funny how fear of getting burnt can also keep children from learning how to cook right? An entrepreneur may have fear of investing in certain places due to fear of making losses- may turn out to be true or false.

It makes us make choices which are either good or keeps us from better opportunities. We don’t ever relax in our lives because of it hence we miss out on experiencing joy that is available and happiness from within. We often forget that life is not a problem to be solved but rather an experience to enjoy and fear keeps us from totally having the experience .

Give different productive and positive things a shot without putting fear into the equation, you’ll reap more benefits and experience each and every moment full of joy. You can actually live a fear free life when you realize it’s the egoic mind’s way of causing you discontentment. Our minds are programmed to judge future events based on what we have experienced in the past ,which should not be always the case. It does us no good other than serving our ego.

Trust and having hope for the best or generally being optimistic is an antidote to fear in out daily lives. You’ll realise you’ve enjoyed each and every day of your life without fear.

With lots of love😚♥️

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