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Corruption as a Menace

Misuse of public power by elected politicians and abuse of entrusted power for private gain has become rampant in the world with absolutely NO COUNTRY IS CORRUPTION Free. Sadly, Kenya has reported a tremendous increase in cases of corruption in the last 10 years with the director of public prosecutions trying his best to get the corrupt to face justice.

Corruption being a human act has moral ethical implications. This is due to lack of ethics in the society as our education system, moral preferences and the whole economic machinery stink and ooze with the stench of corruption. This ranging from bribery, nepotism, racism and worst and majorly embezzlement of funds. We are cultivating in corruption and expecting to reap equal distribution of public resources and development country wide.

Like wise words on deaf ear, we are electing and re-electing corrupt leaders despite the fact and being in the know that their sources of wealth is public theft. Their integrity is red, character tainted and with their priorities twisted and reduced to personal.

We have to know that change begins with me and you. We should ensure that ww elect responsible leaders who care about us and whose passion is to serve the citizens and not their personal gain. Leaders who respect us and are accountable for public funds.

Thus it will result to a political will, reformed institutions, cooperation and an increased level of transparency and scrutiny in the journey of cubing this menace.

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